• thebakefeedDo you ever wonder why so many bakers measure ingredients by weight instead of volume? Jessica Reed, author of The Baker's Appendix, gives us the lowdown on #baking with grams at the link in our profile. Photo courtesy @Cake_Historian. ⠀

  • leesehoffmanI received mine and it's going to be one of the most used books on the shelf!!!! ❤️
  • just_sinead#RoseLevyBeranbaum explained this very well in her 1988 book, "The Cake Bible. " I use that book to this day and highly recommend it.
  • angie675215Just got the book this week. 😀
  • d_eat_girl👍👍👍
  • addie_freedom👈👈👈👈👈👈
  • brianharthoffmanYasssss @cake_historian!!!!!
  • jennymags👍Just got the book yesterday and already it's been a lifesaver!
  • cake_historian😘💕
  • flavias_flavorsI LOVE her book! It's changed the way I bake and cook.
  • greggandkim@thebakefeed I love to cook by weight- was so happy to buy Jessica's book & give 2 as gifts!
  • radilitzaIt takes more time to convert "cups" into grams, than to bake a multi layer cake. I hate measuring cups when it comes to solid/ powder ingredients. How in the world do you measure 1/2 cup of butter?#justsaying
  • bravelittlekitchen#bakebyweight
  • morecatsmoreproblemsAs a dane I've always wondered why american recipes called for stuff like blueberries and and butter.
  • sarahmarthaNot sure if this is a trick question, but you measure it once, weigh it in grams, and know it in your brain forever. Cut the butter right into my bowl in a scale, obvs. Easy and exact. @radilitza
  • radilitza@sarahmartha Yes, but measurements are not always the same, they change, 1/4, 1/3, 1 cup... then there are tablespoons. It's so easier and straight forward if "they" do it in grams right away 😉 Thanks for the tip 😊
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