• trilingualmamaModern technology can be such a positive, fun distraction as well as a useful tool. But it can also be such a temptation to be overused or misused. We've tried so many different things to regulate use in our family but still haven't found the perfect solution, short of taking away smartphones permanently, which we really don't want to do. We're looking for an app that will allow us to regulate and limit their smartphone use. We're currently trying a 14 day trial period of @screentimelabs and we like it so far. My husband and I have iPhones and our teenagers have Androids and the app is compatible. We can limit their usage or block it all together. We can block individual apps, modify usage on weekends or during vacation and receive a daily report of their usage. We can also view their web browser history. It sounds a bit extreme but we just want to keep our children cyber safe. How do you deal with this issue in your family? Do you know of any other apps that are helpful? Do you think these types of apps are too extreme of a measure or would you consider using one as well?
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  • diapersndissertationsIt is so challenging. I let my 2 year old binge watch on iPad when I want some peace 😅Of course, I rather not.
  • trilingualmama@diapersndissertations we do the same with our youngest son but with the teenagers it is so hard to control without being under their noses 24/7! The app helps them auto regulate within preset limits.
  • michelleackerperez@trilingualmama this looks so interesting. I wanna save it to use in 5 years!
  • kriste01We have been using Disney Circle the past month or so. So far it's working for us, but there are a couple of downsides. Like it only works on your home wifi.
  • trilingualmama@kriste01 interesting. Is it free ? Our kids don't have internet access outside of our home anyway so it could work for us. The app we're using will cost us around 5€ per month after the trial period. It's not expensive but I'd rather it were free !!
  • kriste01It's a device that you buy and plug in to your router and there aren't any recurring fees. I bought mine on Amazon for about 90USD.
  • hastaquellegastetuI've been looking for something like this! Thanks for sharing! I'm checking it out right now!
  • mamasmilesThis is not a problem for us yet but I imagine it will be at some point so if you find the perfect solution please let me know!
  • ketchupmomsWow these are super handy. I love the control here
  • miss_panda_chineseHow fun! What are they looking at! It is a great solution. The world is changing fast and the devices have become a part of their everyday must-have. When to plug and unplug?
  • trilingualmama@hastaquellegastetu let me know what you think !
  • trilingualmama@miss_panda_chinese probably a funny filter in SnapChat 😂 yes ! I think we have to adapt to the changing times to keep our children safe !
  • ottiyaAh screentime and well-being! How did you find this app?
  • kidzlensThings parents and kids do
  • spanglishmonkeyI am far away from that, but It sounds scary
  • trilingualmama@ottiya so far, so good 😊 we will probably sign on after the free trial period
  • trilingualmama@spanglishmonkey it has been difficult to control more than scary but better safe than sorry, right ? 😉
  • autumnraspberryOh yes 🙊📱 my eldest is quite 'wise' and only watches fashion or beauty sites so far but my youngest uses " la tablette " to watch music clips and it could sometimes advertise things she should not see ... but they also spy on each others 😄😈and we quickly know if one of them watches things unsuitable 👍
  • our_wonderfullifeWhat a great shot! Look at those faces!
  • trilingualmama@autumnraspberry we were mostly concerned about the amount of time they were spending on their phones, but yes, content has to be carefully monitored as well...
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