Today, the universe taught me a gigantic lesson in slowing the hell down. With my husband out of town, my regular babysitter off (for what seems like an eternity!) and a full calendar of meetings and to-do's, life has been a bit chaotic and exhausting. I mean, that's life in nutshell - totally normal! But today, as I'm headed out to run around town to get as much done as possible during my 2.5-hour window of Ryan's wake time, I realized I left something at home. I turn around, pull into my driveway and plan on hopping out of the car really quickly to run inside, and then zip back out to head on my way. Well, I forgot to put the car in park. (Oh yeah, you know where this is going.) So I get out of the car, and to my surprise the freaking car starts to move! I'm scrambling to jump back inside to stomp on the brake. But I'm too late... BAM! My car runs right into the brick wall next to the garage door. 😩🙈🙄 In the grand scheme of things, it's not that big of a deal (and kind of hilarious... I mean, I ran my car into my house!). Ryan is ok, I'm ok, my house has no damage, and the car can be fixed. But if this isn't a sign, I just don't know what is. So, message received! Less juggling, more focus. ...And maybe a few glasses of champagne because it's been a long day! 
Anyone else have an embarrassing car accident story?? Help me feel like I'm not a total idiot! 😭 // photography @allisonkuhnphotography, see my stories for a picture 🙈
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