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  • carmy427I feel like speaking is first. We learn to speak as children then write in what kindergarten -- 5 years after speaking the language. Then reading we have a good grasp on by 7. So this is what I struggle with. I feel like speaking is most important but I suppose that is only possible after listening and repetition.
  • spanishplans@carmy427 The only reason children speakers because they have heard so much. They don't come speaking out of the womb. I'm currently reading the book "the natural approach" by Stephen Krashen. He addresses how language is acquired in this process (listening and reading first. There is a silent period and students Will only start speaking when they are ready)
  • spanishwithatwist@carmy427 input comes from listening and listening to stories being read...then speaking
  • spanishwithatwistInteresting!!!!
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