• collective_evolutionDo you ever sometimes just look at the world and wonder what it is that blocks humans from achieving their highest potential? The Cooperatist Think Tank, a collection of individuals who promote the values of cooperation instead of competition, have boiled it down to a simple formula. When humans are wounded, these traumas block emotional energy, and disconnect one from their true power. There is a powerful tradition in the Hawaiian Culture called Ho’oponopono that is used to turn this negative energy into positive energy. It is surprisingly simple to practice, and the results are profound. So, in preparation of Earth Day, on April 21 at 12pm PDT wherever you may be you can take a moment to participate in the Global Ho’oponopono.

    What is Ho’oponopono?

    Ho’oponopono is translated from an ancestral Hawaiian chant. It is built on the notion that each individual has the ability to clear internal obstacles by applying intention to these four basic principles which are artfully presented in the 1-minute video below. “I’m sorry” is an important expression of humility. “Please Forgive Me” is a valuable intention for resolve. “Thank You” is an expression of gratitude. “I Love You” creates and restores connection.

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    Article by @houseofrajie

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  • smd111So beautiful and I love working w/ Ho'oponopon!!! 🙏🏼💖🌌🌈
  • joelledrws_I have literally just discovered this Through the magic of synchronicity 👌😇#namaste🙏
  • _marior22@yahyabakkar
  • haven_metaphysicalIt's so crazy-divine that you are sharing this today 😍..... just re started my nightly forgiveness rituals in the ho'oponopono tradition. Beautiful practice, thank you for sharing!!!
  • raisedstray@seaaabasss lmfao chavo
  • fionamofarrellSweet 💙 but why the Yin & Yang symbol? That's Daoism (China)...just sayin 😉
  • our_vibes_are_transcendent👌🏽🔥 Very good share
  • _thatkid21_@kevrosado
  • sades0123@jtabor31
  • shaylasouliereHayaaaa! If you have time would love if you checked out my page for covers and lots of updates with my music! 🎼🎼
  • juana_samperThis technique is SO effective and beautiful. I can't say enough
  • jamaicantwister"I'm sorry, please forgive me, I thank you and I love you" ;)
  • viva_la_ranzaLove this. Every time I need to release someone I do this 💜
  • ankushk90I heard about it from Joe Vitale... I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you and I love you
  • collective_evolution@haven_metaphysical that's amazing! We love how the world works ❤️ enjoy your practice! Check out our recent post btw about an even were doing today in honour of Earth Day 😊
  • collective_evolution@fionamofarrell it's very relatable 😊
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