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  • 40ish_love➕ GIVEAWAY ➕
    I was gifted these @luxilontennis tennis racket strings recently and I haven't yet got round to using them. I am not sure they are quite right for me (though I'm not saying I ain't "savage" 😂) Anyway, I thought I would give them away to one of my followers! Here's the drill:
    🎾 Follow me.
    🎾 Like this video.
    🎾 Comment below which strings you normally like to use.
    I'll choose a lucky winner at random in 7 days and will contact him/her via DM.
    Please note that this promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with, Instagram.
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  • rjalfagemeI usually use babolat hybrid, prohurricane 1.30 for the mains and babolat xcel 1.30 for the cross!
  • coach_marinaTecnifibre Biphase
  • biagiodotawesome@40ish_love I use a poly mains, either gamma motor or Diadem solstice power and yonex tour super 850 for crosses. Currently play testing a prototype multi from Diadem now. BTW, your videos of the topspin pro have convinced me to get one! Keep it up!
  • dan.the.man.___Luxilon 4G Mains/Gamma Glide Crosses 🎾👓
  • domesticaliI used to like multifibre - either NXT Comfort or Pros Pro Guttex, but as I've started to hit bigger, I am breaking them too often and becoming irritated with having to straighten them constantly, so I've made the switch to a polyester string. At the moment I'm using Wilson Poly Pro, but I am not sure it's 'the one'. Choosing strings is such a personal thing - and takes some trial and error!
  • ata_oktayI use Strategem 1.25 from Pros pro and thanks for your gift but I dont want if I win 😉 🙌
  • katjaswedenI wish i knew. I am beginning to realize the extent string matters and i wd love to become more knowledgeable and "bring my own".
  • pavvygHey Helen I used graphene strings but now but would like to give savage black a go!🙏👌👍🎾👏
  • pavvygPS did I read you are at the @montecarlorolexmaster ? I'm here too! Absolutely loving it!👌👍👏🙏🎾✔️
  • 40ish_love@pavvyg I'll be there at the weekend for the semis and finals! Shame Murray is out ☹️
  • pavvyg@40ish_love That's awesome! I've put a few pics and videos from the event check them out. You will have an amazing time!✔️😎👏
  • theofitSolinco tour bite 17 gauge! But it's ok you don't have to send it to me ☺
  • its_all_anthonyI currently have savage in my racket at the moment. Best strings i have tried since i played with the big banger years ago
  • tennisaffairI play with Solinco barb wire 16.5 or 17 haha💕😂
  • letstrythis1Luxilon 4g Soft. Always wanted to try these
  • jeremy_parrishI'm currently using Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power. Have fun in Monte Carlo!
  • 40ish_love@jeremy_parrish thanks!
  • leooxnguyennI use solinco tourbite!
  • vega.hunterI use the basic RPM blast 😂
  • simarsHello! I use Pacific xforce calibro 1.19
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