• justicepirateI used my real camera to take a few photos of Mellie on her visit. It has been so long since photographing her. She told me she looks awkward in photos but I reminded her that she never looks awkward in MY photos. I got her to genuinely smile and laugh. She has gone through a lot of hard things and I see strength in her as she overcame much. She is an admirable and beautiful woman of God and I am thankful that she is one of my best friends and has been since we were teens, regardless of any gaps we had where we may not have seen or talked to each other. I am blessed by Mellie's kindness and sweetness. Being with her always feels like no time has passed even if we have begun to feel older! #friendship #friends #photography #realphoto #blackandwhite #mohawk #septum

  • julienjanusko👌
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