• salztokyo❗️グループ撮影のため着物好きな方を募集❗️
    ★東京・5月7日かな? →私も一緒に撮影をするw →撮影データは無料
    →交通費 千円でる 🙇🙇 よろしく!コメントまたはDMね♡

    Sorry for all the Japanese but I'm looking for some kimono peeps with style in Tokyo for a small photoshoot. ・

    #市松 #ふりふ #足袋 #着物コーディネート #趣着物 #着物 #着物美人 #和服 #着物コーデ #スタイル #ファッション #東京 #kimono #japanesekimono #fashion #ootd #style #fashionblogger #wafuku #tokyo #japan #募集 #モデル募集

  • matchamalistic😎
  • salztokyo@ykjn_22 Hello dear 🤖💕 Well to be honest this shoot will be for @kimonobijin and not very artistic I suppose. But I do love your style and Kitsuke so if you wouldn't mind being published on their site and at a presentation in Canada then I'd love you to join 😬🌟
  • salztokyo@acchi_kocchi Oh darn! Which days would work for you? 💕
  • salztokyo@lynn_yuki Yay! Actually I'm just trying to gather some awesome people for KIMONOBIJIN- she wants to show some different kimono styles in Canada and probably use the pictures on the Kimonobijin site as well. Nothing artistic I guess. Would you be up for that? 😬🙏🏻💕
  • ykjn_22@salztokyo Oh my gosh thank you so much!! I'm so excited... To be honest I'm on cloud nine just talking to you right now😳💕Please let me know about the details whenever it's convenient for you♪
  • lynn_yuki@salztokyo sure. she txted me a couple of days ago and we were planning some photo shoot for kimonobijin too. so is she the one shooting the photos then?
  • salztokyo@lynn_yuki Yes she will shoot and we'll be in it 😂
  • salztokyo@ykjn_22 Don't be silly haha 😂 I'm just a normal person LOL So you would have time on the 7th? I'll write you again / maybe DM you the deets once we decide
  • acchi_kocchi@salztokyo 5/4 or 5/13 would be okay :)
  • lynn_yuki@salztokyo woah! then should be more fun shooting with u :)
  • salztokyo@lynn_yuki Ahah I hope you're not disappointed 😂😂😬 So you're in on the 7th? I'll let you know the details later once set
  • ykjn_22@salztokyo But you+your styles are so gorgeous😍 Yes I'm free on the 7th and I live in Tokyo so I can probably go on practically any other day as well!
  • lynn_yuki@salztokyo dont be silly 😜 im rather more excited w/ that😊 plz DM me when details are set :)
  • monroe_dcいつもお写真拝見してます。和裁の片居木のおばあちゃんの孫です🙇‍♀️いつも素敵だ〜!!とお話し聞いております!今回は予定が合わないのですが、また機会があればぜひお話しさせてください😆!!!
  • sweetmomoajiOmg, I would love to go, you are just giving me more reasons to go to Tokyo 😭
  • salztokyo@acchi_kocchi Aww I think that would be difficult then 😭 But thanks so much and I hope I get to meet you another time 😘
  • salztokyo@sweetmomoaji 🤖💕 Don't worry! It's not a very artistic shoot this time 😬
  • sweetmomoaji@salztokyo next time! ❤ If you ever pass by Osaka, let me know 😘
  • clover_in_tokyoSad that I can not participate :'(
  • miiiiiinjpアンジー素敵!もっといろんな人に広がってほしいね!久々に着物着たくなった!👘💗💗💗
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