Took all of #mythreekids on a hike today; the baby's first. Spent 90 minutes exploring nature, examining rocks, looking for tadpoles and fish and insects. Phones away other than for a few quick snapshots of our day. This one though. ❤. My big kids. Already venturing out beyond me, just as they do in life. So much of what they do now exists in spaces where I am not, and it brings me both pride and bittersweet joy. They are becoming the people they will be. So much of what I do right now matters. Everything really. Every habit, comment, behavior, perception. It's all shaping them and the way they show up in the world. In so many ways, this is much harder than the infant stage. There is so very much at risk,  and yet- so very much to gain. My wish though, is that it may it always be this beautiful. #ictfd #ctfd #motherhood
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