• mommasocietyYou know what one of my biggest fears was during my pregnancy with Brody? Having no mom friends. I was so worried I'd be venturing into this new territory of motherhood alone. But motherhood has a way of making everyone equally vulnerable in this new phase of life. It's a fair playing ground as we all search for support, friendships and those people we can confess the number of days it has been since we last washed our hair (ahem, 6). I reconnected with these two high school classmates thanks to having little ones close in age and this weekend we celebrated motherhood with a way-too-fun photoshoot that I'm dying to show you more of next week. Motherhood is better together.

    And ps how dreamy is this campground? It allllmost has me persuaded to give camping a try! Can you spy the tent in the background?
    Dresses: @amy.shopstevie Make-up: @heathernartistry

  • mommasociety@nashvilletash gosh it sure does!
  • mommasociety@amy.shopstevie hope we get to meet one of these days and hope you are feeling better!
  • dressmeblondeMotherhood makes friendships so strong'🙌🙌
  • lexieloolilyliamdylantooWhat a beautiful picture!
  • arinaybathandbodyThats what we do.. support each others
  • j.smylie2011I love this! Being a mom is scary sometimes especially when you feel alone! I became a mom for the first time at 19 and I was terrified I was alone with no one at least at first over time I have developed amazing friendships that are so meaningful and true way more so than any other friendships I have had in the past! Good for you ladies to support each other and be the friends moms so desperately need
  • emilyalimusaYou guys are stunning !
  • daisyloveboutiqueThis is so cute! And love the tent in the background haha
  • heathernartistryLove everything about this ❤️❤️❤️
  • momoftherebelsWaauw beautiful hun 😍😍
  • ponchoandparkerGorgeous capture. And yes, mom friends are essential, especially those first few years!
  • purejoyhomeSuch a beautiful shot
  • jngroseThis is so sweet!
  • livingincolorblogSuch a good dress!
  • erikasummers22I wish I'd taken beautiful photos like this when I was pregnant
  • bcastle11Beautiful!!
  • taylensmomWhat a lovely capture
  • sydneypower_Awe that's so lovely
  • mommyinheelsIt's amazing how motherhood can bring gals together!
  • elisabethmcknightBeautiful!!
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