• spiralelixirI've been working with ᑭᖇᗩIᖇIE TᗩᑎᘔᗩᑎITE, ᑕᕼᖇYᔕOᑕOᒪᒪᗩ, & ᑕITᖇIᑎE with focus lately.✨Prairie Tanzanite (light violet) gently stimulates the heart & third eye chakras- helping to view life’s experiences with heart-centered awareness, while dispelling negativity held within, emotionally. ✨The Chrysocolla (teal) helps open the throat chakra while it connects to the heart chakra (similar to turquoise in that way) which is great for honest and clear communication... in gentle ways, that are full of power & love.✨The citrine (tumbled point) is a variation of Quartz that does not (cannot) hold negative energy, but dissipates and transmutes it. It stimulates the intuition and helps bring light into all situations (or perceived realities). It has a way of bringing humor and joy out by balancing the emotions, and soothes issues with interpersonal relationships or in groups. #smileinducing It brings the good vibes out of the hidden places we often overlook.✨ When I work with specific stones or crystals I like to have them with me all day, in my pocket usually, but sometimes in my purse, or backpack- with easy access, so I can hold them in my hands often.✋🏽✨🤚🏽Just the thought of them being on me when I've had them for a while brings waves of energy into me, as the frequencies of our energies align & vibe high.✨ I have a new batch of medicine pouches coming soon, which are great for holding crystals and stones safely to carry them with you. I'll show the new batch ASAP! ✨

  • spiralelixir#crystalhealing #energyhealing #heartchakra #throatchakra #thirdeye #citrine #prairietanzanite #chrysacolla #mentalclarity #emotionalhealth #communication #peacefulmind #gentleness #intention #goodvibes #sendinglove
  • mindfuleuphoriaI looooove chrysacolla 💜 it's got such a beautiful vibration.
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