• covinadApril 17, 2017
    The food in Stone Town at Forodhani Gardens was so delicious! We had coconut naan (coconut is a new found love and obsession for me), beef skewers doused with sweet chili sauce on top of a mound of french fries, Zanzibar pizza (nothing like the kind of pizza I'm use to back home, but really yummy), shwarmas with just the right amount of spice, sweet deep fried rice balls, and so much more!
    We also had freshly pressed sugar cane juice, which was mixed with ginger and lime - Mmmmm that is good stuff! Dang they know how to do food in Tanzania!
    #forodhanigardens #zanzibar #stonetown #zanzibarpizza #tanzania #africa #sugarcanejuice

  • mose.axsuper cool
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