• lukasvolgerThe green sauce rice bowl from BOWL - here made by @simplyrealhannahb - is one of my favorites in the book because it's inspired by a Laurie Colwin essay that always makes me laugh. It's the one in HOME COOKING called "Feeding the Fussy," where she recommends an all-diet catch-all recipe for "Jeannette Kossuth's Green Sauce," which you're supposed to serve to your dinner guests over steamed vegetables. Sounds depressing, like punishment - until you try it. #regram #lauriecolwin

  • simplyrealhannahbFlattered! Thank you! One of my favourites as well 🤗
  • elissa_altmanLove it. Always have.
  • ch_chitnisWow- gorgeous shot!
  • sierratishgartOh that makes me so happy
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