#VanessaBling sends another message to #Clymaxx
  • thetropixs#VanessaBling sends another message to #Clymaxx

  • snoopy28And this is why I love this girl👌
  • xianagirl2Mi no like clymaxx hear way she name... A only in a bedroom she mek hits not a fan of Vanessa but she put the peak of sex in her place
  • first_lady_sheriiLoooooolllll and Clymax a gwaan like she know r a, so she well wa buss, a focus pon gal.. Must sadamite
  • challis_eva_blessRip fi di chandelier pan her face...she a mi gyal tho... Tbh I really like both of them
  • asha1876She no Christian again
  • kalia.young@thee_bramble_thou she's a no body. Because no body don't know who she is.
  • __petay_beAmen girl
  • rootie1634Yes good gal no mix up
  • xx_nicojaii_xx@alisunjai if u never in a the comments Sumthing wud a wrong loooooool
  • alisunjai@xx_nicojaii_xx you know she's bae 😩❤😋😋😋😋
  • kingabby_80sbaby@__q.tutzy__ she look like she a go Adams family reunion 😂😂
  • 876__quotesA so yuh did stay?
  • mon2qutemua@jose4jays
  • ramonasamuelsAwww this cute and classy. I have no idea what the beef is and just learnt 2 minutes ago about it. But @realvanessabling has stand a standard now in dancehall that is admirable. Can't stand some of the slack lyrics. Children just don't need to be exposed to it.
  • ramonasamuels*set a standard. Lol
  • tashena30Clymaxx mouth look stink no rass
  • ronique_serviceThis is a classic response
  • karl_thick_morrisonWell said @realvanessabling smh tired a dem dutty Badmind artist yah an yeah male an female just Badmind an always Wah carry down another to gain popularity instead if using dem talent an even dem talented the fact that dem affi dis someone Ina di industry proofs dem a some boasy dunce slave smh an as bad as me is as a artist me nah join dah industry yah dem guh suck dem muma dem too corrupt I not even Wah dem bus me mi rather do it like Sean Paul dem Mek dem seh mi ungrateful over suh mi a pree
  • dahwid40Propa Ansa 👏🏾
  • blakstarrdempressClassy response Vanessa..
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