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    Q: I'm 3 weeks away (or less) from having my 2nd baby! Any motherly advice for adding to the family/easing the transition for baby #1. Also note: I'll officially be a part of the 2 under 2 club so any advice (or prayers) are welcome! Haha. .

  • lcogan83I wish I had advice! Prayers and best wishes for a smooth transition.
  • ohthatsmomsenseMy oldest is 4 so it was easy for us to transition to a family of 4. We explained to her throughout the pregnancy that a new baby would join us soon and that we needed her help with grabbing us diapers and feeding the baby. It made her feel important and she liked the idea of being a great big sister. It also helped us to get the oldest a gift "from baby" and give her the gift at the hospital. Best of luck mama!
  • mascara.mumBuy lots of small gifts for the elderly one. Give time to time by saying it's from little one... everyone baby cries tell elder one she is calling you I guess. She wants you to pay her etc. I did and it worked 😊
  • bvanessa92No advice just prayers to grant you guidance and patience 😀
  • derikamaamCurrently TTC #2, also! 💕
  • thehoneyhomeCongrats!! I have kind of lived in the 2 under 2 club 😂😂 My first two were 17 months apart, numbers 2 and 3 were 19 months apart, 3 and 4 were two years almost to the day, and now number 5 will come along when my youngest is about 19 months I guess. 😂😂 Having a really solid routine for my toddlers is what helped our transitions the most, I think. Their routines changed very little when baby came home and they didn't bat an eye. Once I knew how often baby wanted to eat, I started their day so that those feedings lined up with when the toddler was sleeping or eating or in independent play time (DM me if you would like info on that). I will say that transitioning from 1 to 2 kids was my easiest transition. You'll do great! ❤️❤️
  • thenottooshabbymomMine are 26 months apart. Try to find time to focus on your older child. My son has went thru sleep regression and took a few weeks to warm up to brother. Its important to do some 1 on 1 things with them, let them sit with mama and feel like they are just as important even if there are times the baby needs tending to. I won't lie, somedays it is tough and others I am like I am so nailing this lol. Just do the best you can, you will fall into a rythem.
  • thetalentedmrsrippeyMy first 2 are 15 months apart. I loved the spacing. My advice is that syncing nap times rocks. And always park by the cart return. And babywear. Also don't exclude your oldest from things like nursing time or bath time, make a way for him to be involved (reading a book together, holding the wash cloth, etc) so it's never "baby time vs my time". When you are helping the older child with something and the baby starts crying say "Hold on baby, it's Big Kid's turn" so they see that you put them first sometimes too.
  • beingsummerlewisLove your photo + caption ✨
  • sarah.schultz1Just take things as they come. Try not to stress about every little thing.
  • hidethecookiejar6 weeks until baby#2 and I'll also have 2 under 2. We've been prepping her by playing with a doll a lot but I'm still not sure how this transition will go.
  • fromteachertomamaI only have one but am thinking about wanting a second in the next year or so. the only advice I can give is advice I've heard from other moms: make one on one dates with your older child a priority!
  • olia_en_routeIndividual quality time with the kids! ❤️ good luck!
  • dotdotsmileamydFreezer meals! A good friend organizing a meal train for you. Taking family and friends up on help with your older one or your baby so you can spend a few special moments with your older one. Best of luck!
  • thedrolllaneLaugh. I remember trying to put our first (19 months) to bed while feeding our newborn who would just scream and cry and wondering what was I thinking. So go ahead and laugh. And it's okay to cry sometimes too because nothing that is truly worth it is easy.
  • typicallytamI'll pray for you because my kids are now nearly 17 and 13 and I kind of forget way back then. Plus I had such an age gap between my two I didn't have 2 in nappies etc
  • usbornebookhookedMake a busy basket of fun books and toys that your oldest gets to see only while you are nursing! You can read the books together on the couch as you nurse (or bottle feed) and the novelty will keep the older one engaged while you are bonding with baby!
  • usbornebookhookedBy the way, my oldest was 19 months old when my second was born. I get you!! Feel free to reach out for support of you need it!
  • lularoesteffspeirs@aimingforaugust congratulations!! I'm pregnant with my third. My first had a hard transition with our second I believe because he only had me. I wish I had given the baby a little more to my hubby to have more one on one time with him. It's so hard when you have a brand new bundle of joy but I'll be doing it with my third.😘
  • lovethelaniersMine are 20 months apart and when I was close to giving birth I actually took a class for this very thing! (🙄 L.A. 😂) a couple nuggets I got that worked well for us we're... and it's sounds strange but, when your oldest is brought to meet the new baby have your hands free to that you can greet her with lots of hugs and kisses before introducing her to the newest edition. That actually made sense because she's apart from you for a minute and then the next time she sees you there's this new kid and the idea is to keep the older sibling from feeling replaced. Also, consider having a fun, small gift for your oldest from the new baby the first time they meet. ☺
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