• alliworthingtonI can't say enough wonderful things about my sweet friend @tshoxenreider's latest book, At Home in the World
    Just imagine selling your house, putting all your belongings in storage and going around the world with your spouse and three kids!
    I'm equal parts jealous, inspired and vicariously exhausted reading their adventures .
    You know I read a ton of books (and see so many movies) but only the *best* make my reviews .
    You are going to love this book! Go grab a copy today. Thank me later :)
    #AtHomeIntheWorld #WhatAliIsReading #Tshalicious
  • jeffersonbethkeIt's so good!!!
  • tshoxenreider😘😘😘
  • gabiruthOmg this sounds amazing
  • melaniemlittleI just got mine and can't stop reading. Clearly not the season of life for these ideas to be planted in my head! πŸ˜‚
  • mrslaszkoThe cover is beautiful
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