Closet organization - and more specifically organization, as a genre, is something I would have claimed I was good at - and there are not many things in that category because: insecure woman writer. My six year old daughter, my fifteen year old son, and my grown up hubby all have neat drawers, some labeled (children and linen) with carefully folded clothing. However, my own stuff, I sloppily discarded and shoved in my drawer and it lived there like a secret addiction or bad habit. It went beyond neat - it was about self respect and care for my things and me. As a woman, mother, wife, I am not alone in putting myself last - in most things. Today I took a small step in personal growth. One small step for closet organization, one giant leap for me. #365 #365project #documentinglife2017 #closet #drawer #clothes #clothing #organize #organization #folding #beforeandafter #writing #writers #writerslife #writersofinstagram
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