• blaisethebakerGetting the orders ready! Thank you all so much for the continued dedication and support - means everything to me! Right now I'm stamping Grandma Deloris' name on her recipe - page 5. She really wanted to autograph them all but she's weak and her stamina is not the best - so I had a stamp made. She loves that she's been a part of this journey with me! To order your copy - send $15 total ($12 for the cookbook and $3 shipping and handling) to Blaise Doubman / Box 47 / Kennard, IN 47351. Or pay online through Use my email when paying. Or - send me a message, text or email and I can forward you an invoice. Remember - if you order 4 or more copies - shipping and handling is free! Contact me with any questions. Thanks again!!! ❤️😊 #BTBdessertfirst
  • secretsfrommyapronCongrats,you are doing great 💚💚🥀
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