• willowcarolineI was tagged by @celticcaston to share 20 random facts about me. If you are tagged, play along if you wish.
    1) I am 50. In my head I am still 27.
    2) I have been married since 1990. To the boy next door. Literally.
    3) I have 3 wonderful boys... One on his own, one in college, one in high school. They are my heart.
    4) I was thrilled to graduate high school because I never wanted to take math or science again. I then got a BS in bio, minored in math, did genetics graduate work, and have been teaching high school math full time since 2005 at our local school.
    5) I go through zero traffic lights to get to work.
    6) I am a hermit at heart. Introverted introvert.
    7) a friend told me I was probably a pioneer in a past life. I love all things domestic and self sufficient.
    8) I also think I should have been British. I love BBC radio, my favorite shows and authors are British. In the summer when I am home alone I will listen to BBC Wales in hopes I can pick up the language.
    9) Penelope Keith's Hidden Villages is a show I love. I want to travel with her.
    10) I also love watching knitting podcasts. I would love to do a podcast... But #6.
    11) I have a lovely pink office/sewing room off the kitchen with the view of the front porch. It is my happy space.
    12) there is a sign in my office that says Fart-free-zone. Someone changed it to fart for free zone. See#3.
    13) My sons have played baseball for years. I barely know the rules. I knit or grade papers instead of really paying attention. Mom fail.
    14) But I get thrilled when they ask me to knit them something. Mom joy.
    15) When I run I swear I can feel my brain sloshing around. Hence the reluctance to run. I also scream if I have to catch a ball.
    16) I love all things nature related. I get lots of joy from my gardens, bird watching, nature​ related fabric or design.
    17) I have a hummingbird feeder right outside my office window. I love watching Hummers.
    18) my feet are so ticklish. I have never had a pedicure. I am afraid I would kick someone.
    19) Hearing from former students about their successes is the highlight of my job.
    20) I am happiest when I have space to be quiet, time to create, and my guys are home.

  • celticcastonUmm hello I'm an introverted introvert. It is basically talking to yourself so you need to start a podcast 😁
  • ellengryphonLove #19, and 18 cracks me up. I giggle but manage to not kick. Wish I could pull in BBC Wales! And ... is that Digitalis in your photo? I love your yard. Wish I could look at it out my window! You are my favorite introverted introvert. I think I'm an extroverted introvert because I strike up conversation in the grocery store line but hate talking at places where I'm supposed to chat (like parties).
  • betsymakesI've loved reading your 20, you have a great sense of humour and you've made me smile 😁👌
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