#derekhough #juliannehough #akron #ohio #movebeyondliveontour
  • 23r5riker#derekhough #juliannehough #akron #ohio #movebeyondliveontour

  • dmanhough1Wow which number is this 😍
  • 23r5rikerTowards the end of the show but I don't know the actually dance it was when they keep going back and forth who has more trophies etc and movies etc...
  • dmanhough1@23r5riker thank u i see Jules had a solo number with one of the guys did derek have a solo number too. Thank you for sharing these pics and videos
  • debstrozNice pics ..what settings were you using..trying to make sure I'm ready this year..i took 600 last time lol
  • 23r5rikerI didn't use any settings just took them right off my phone I had my actually camera just in case my phone die but it didn't
  • 23r5rikerI took 114 lol
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