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  • thayersnaturalNever tested on animals, our Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Body Bars create a lush lather that will leave your conscience as clean as your body! 🌿
  • lujain_beauty_blog😍 ❤👌
  • dudequilterMust buy! I love my witch hazel.
  • zoocorneron9love this
  • spissyyThis could be defiantly a crazy idea but I thought of it the other day and had to share , I think thayersnatural should make a facial cleanser , I feel like lots of other facial cleansers on the market aren't very natural, but I think if thayersnatural made it, I think it would be a pretty successful facial cleanser❤
  • thayersnatural@dudequilter not made by witches, but magic for your skin! Which scent will you try?!
  • dudequilter@thayersnatural MINT! Ordered some the other day.
  • thayersnatural@spissyy not a crazy idea at all! we LOVE receiving recommendations from our customers! We do have a facial toner mist launching this summer, stay tuned for that! ❤️️
  • thayersnatural@dudequilter excited for you to try it! Let us know how your skin likes it.
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