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  • kevinbray10Heat embossing on wood is so cool! Might have to go back for the "evin" 😎
  • bunnydobbieLooks great Kevin!
  • thepaperymakeryAwesome idea!!!
  • honeybeestampsWhat a cool look!
  • vera_papercraftWow I didn't know you could heat emboss on wood! So pretty!
  • dlhoopπŸ˜‚that would be awesome too but will sure be a lot of embossing powder! May need a bigger and more powerful heating gun! What ya gonna do with your lovely "K"?
  • kevinbray10@dlhoop it's just going up on my door! My roommate has a G on his so I figured I needed a K! Any excuse to craft!!
  • pinkanddottyMight have to try this!!
  • craftingwhilethebabynapsDidn't even know you could..... this is pretty awesome!!
  • lisatilsonVery cool!!! That needs a lot of powder! Stick with the K lol
  • stampinsandy1964So awesome!!!
  • madebyayumiWow, nice! Never imagined of trying this out.
  • janygb143Cool!! What kind of ink works on wood?
  • kevinbray10@janygb143 I used a white pigment ink! I was going to use versafine, but I only have the mini ink cube, which would take a while to ink up! So basically what ever ink you can heat emboss with!
  • papersalutationsThat's such a good idea! Did it come out nice when you were done?
  • kevinbray10@papersalutations it did! I thought I would lose the natural wood grain but you can still sorta see it underneath the embossing! It's VERY shiny lol
  • janygb143Oh nice!! I wouldn't have guessed white (can't tell underneath at all!). Cool that the pigment ink doesn't soak right in. Hmm... lots of ideas for this one... thanks!!
  • kevinbray10@janygb143 if you do something make sure to share with us! 😊
  • janygb143Will do! :)
  • fiki_fikreta.posavecLook so great!
  • gems.and.ashesThis is a brilliant idea Kevin! πŸ˜€πŸ’—πŸ’•
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