• geekbombJustine (@justiney) here with a PWR! Well more like a WWR because I haven't been playing anything.
    #Watching 📺: I started @nbctrialanderror with @spookyzill because it's same type of humor as @nbcparksandrec (which is our favorite show). I'm on episode 4 now and I have to say there were a few times I legitimately laughed out loud. It's an easy show to start binging because they're less than 30 minutes each. Would recommend!
    #Reading 📖: I haven't picked up a new book lately so this month's @rollingstone issue will have to do. Which article specifically? The @harrystyles interview. 😇 📺: Going back to watching, I started rewatching #ouranhighschoolhostclub because it's been so long and I wanted to relive the magic.

    What are your PWR's? I need some suggestions!

  • spookyzillLoving Trial and Error! When are we watching more @justiney??
  • baxorn@Justiney Playing Horizen Zero Dawn and loving it. It makes my grindy personality happy with all the things to do. I just finished watching Iron Fist overall watchable - not bad not exceptional. Reading - I'm including Hzd in this because there is lots of in game more to find and read. Lol
  • mickeyunlikethemouseCuuuuuute ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • justiney@baxorn I've been hesitant to start iron fist because I didn't hear great things about it. Is it worth giving it a watch?
  • justiney@spookyzill sooooon!! I want to watch more.
  • baxorn@justiney If you have seen all the other shows and are a completionist, and have nothing else to watch, and can get past the blaring similarities to Arrow then by all means. I largely had it in the background while grinding. Just go into it with low expectations. At least I can say the flashy kicks are flashy.
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