I've been feeling weary, burned out, that funky, sulky, hiking through mud uphill thing. And the devil...he loves it. He's been taunting, "Aww, it's okay. You should quit. Give up. It's pointless to go on. Come on, QUIT!"
But Jesus...He says, "Weary? Come to me. Find rest. We're in this together. Don't quit, just change your view. Look at Me."
This week, as I've rested, read His word, and prayed, I've listened and planned. Proactive, right? And then, I've written those plans down. This is HUGE, because while I love to write, I hate to write things down. Go figure. But friends, it's working. The fog is lifting, the mud is thinning and it's like God is saying, "See! Told you (again). We've got this." Maybe this time, since I wrote it down, I'll remember? 🤓
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