• reabergCincinnati here I come! If you're going to be at GHC please stop by the booth (Beautiful Feet) or say hello in one of my sessions. So looking forward to meeting some awesome mamas! #bfbooks #beautifulfeetbooks #cincinnati #ghc
  • valadele55praying for you♡
  • simplykdscThis makes me giddy!! 🤗💓
  • audriastorySee you soon!
  • lisasulewskiHave fun! 🙌
  • reaberg@simplykdsc wish you were here! @lisasulewski we had such fun!
  • reaberg@lisasulewski This is the first time I've been back since Las Carnitas! Wish you were here. 🙁
  • lisasulewski@reaberg "Carnitas? What's that?" Will never forget! Never. Too much fun as always! Wish I was too!!
  • bluebirdfiveI can't wait to check out the booth and come to a session!!! I've seen/heard so much about BF :-)
  • reaberg@valadele55 Thank you 😊 and thank you for the World's 🌎 Best Review! You rated us far too highly, of course, but thank you. You are so clever!
  • amberleggioAre y'all going to be in the woodlands or Houston?
  • tammy_arlenMay blessings accompany you. 🙏
  • shirleyackerman84Have a safe flight 🙏🏼 will you be at the Orlando homeschool convention at the end of May?
  • simplykdsc@reaberg , wish I was too! We had so much fun, it still makes me smile! Enjoy a few tacos for Lisa and I. 😊 Praying the weekend is a success!
  • calli_sparrowandliliesWish you the best! We ❤️ our Beautiful Feet Books!!!
  • mama_sarahlizI loved hearing you speak yesterday and am looking forward to your next session. I was so sorry to miss your talk on Charlotte Mason Meets Plato!
  • maandpamodernI know it was great Rea! You're so inspiring to listen to! ❤️
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