Magnesium plays a vital role in over 300 enzyme reactions throughout our body, including helping to maintain a healthy hormonal balance! As well as balancing blood sugar imbalances and hormones, supplementing with magnesium can be a really effective way to combat digestive issues such a constipation, reflux as well as stress, anxiety and fatigue – all of which can be linked to acne! Magnesium is one of my top recommended supplements for overall health as it's nearly impossible to get enough magnesium from food alone because of soil mineral depletion! Nowadays, the demand for food is so high that we no longer practise crop rotation - a technique which allows the soil to replenish all the essential minerals for nutrient dense vegetables. What does this mean? Each new generation of crops is more deficient in nutrients than the previous batch. More mineral deficient crops = more mineral deficient humans... 😔
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