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  • sarahstaeblerA BLW baby, Avis's only experience with baby food jars has been at ikea, since they're free there. He just learned how to say "more" in sign language. Maybe that's why he cried so much last night...new skills. #staeblerbaby

  • allyzettEr verschlingt das ja 😂
  • ilzeievinaHow exciting!
  • sarahstaebler@allyzett und er isst es kalt!!! Die Mikrowelle war kaputt. 😂 er hat fast das ganze aufgegessen. Ich glaub er mag das auch, wenn Tobi das macht.
  • rodrir81Oh how sweet! My son learned all done first. 😂 I found that he was also a little fussy whenever he made a leap, I read the Wonder Weeks and at least then I had an idea of when fussy periods would come.
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