• thenestrenoAs a little reprieve from the heaviness I've been laying down lately, we decided to put on a DIY May Day mini flower arrangement class with @camryn.lane! Sunday April 30 from 12-2pm we will be making these adorable little floral cones. I have been the recipient of quite a few much appreciated random acts of kindness lately and want to provide a platform to spread more! As the tradition goes, make a few to hang on the doors of your friends and family to brighten up their first day of May.
  • rivaladivaThis is beautiful! 😍
  • jjoy23I love this ❤️
  • camryn.laneCan't wait!! 💗
  • thenestreno@camryn.lane Me neither! 🙌
  • shanamillyHow do I sign up? 🌼
  • thenestreno@shanamilly No sign up necessary! It's just $8 per cone or $20 for 3!
  • thekimicollectivethese are so cute! love the sentiment! wish i could be there to create these! might just have to make some over here 😉✨
  • thenestreno@thekimicollective Totally! Your handwriting would be an excellent touch!!!
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