• theonlygirlinthehouseConsidering the day started with almighty arguments between me and Asda, then me and the two biggest piglets (perhaps, maybe fuelled by hormones - mine not theirs!), followed by a 1.5 hr car journey during which Bruno had to puke in a bush of nettles and we seemed to see the whole of Surrey and Hampshire (see stories for all the excitement!!) we had a bloomin amazing time at @thewatercressline with Thomas 🚂 and friends! It was fab to step back in time, unplug the big kids, watch Casper's awe as he realised steam engines are real and just chug along in our little compartment. It really was magical (bat the puking and arguments!). If you've got a Thomas crazed dude or dudette Thomas is there this week (I think) then again at the beginning of August! Currently searching for holidays where we can chug in a private carriage a la the Hogwarts Express! #whodofthoughtwedhaveagoodday #stillneedalargeGandT #easterholidays #watercressline #thomasthetrain #familytravel #familyfun #familydayout #britishsummer #mumofboys
  • franmckeownThey do a "Day Out With Thomas" here in Ontario Canada as well (and many places throughout Canada and the US). I know the guy who played Sir Topham Hatt. He did it for years and absolutely loved it. What a fun day (save for the fight and the puking).
  • mrs_big_barnWhat a fab day out! Looks great. Once @asda cancelled our order and delivery completely and didn't even bother to tell me. I spent £150 and they thought it was 'suspicious' not really seen as we were having a birthday party and did a bit of bulk buying on the essentials. Never shopped with them again as I never got an apology.
  • phil_0_soph@franmckeown where in Ontario u know?
  • jo_h_mylittlelife@theonlygirlinthehouse we always go through Midhurst, Petworth etc!
  • theonlygirlinthehouse@jo_h_mylittlelife hmmm, yes, we went that way home! 🙄😘
  • four_decembersThe Watercress Line does a great Santa special! 🎅🚂
  • theonlygirlinthehouse@four_decembers ooo something to look forward to 🙌🏻😘
  • thewatercresslineThank you so much for sharing your insta story and photos, we are glad you had the best time (apart from puking and Asda of course!). We will be in touch. Have a fabulous rest of the Easter hols!
  • thismamalifeWe almost went there today!! Glad you had a good time!x
  • theonlygirlinthehouse@thismamalife ahhh that would've been mad! Your brood would love it 😘❤️🚂
  • sarahjanedowningWe went last Friday. My little one absolutely loved it (also a Caspar!).
  • teacher_mummyGo to the Highlands and go on the actual Harry Potter railway, the West Highland Railway Line from Fort William to Mallaig!!
  • laracroft3Have taken all 3 of my boys over the years and daughter too! Oldest will be 21 this year so have had plenty of practise with the Thomas day out at the watercress line
  • sarahprankerdYour the second person who said about travelling to go on the watercress line this Easter. I live in Winchester so Alresford is just up the road. I never realised the watercress line was so famous! I took my daughter when she was 2 (not on a special day though) and she loved it.
  • lauracoopermorrison@stephrmcl
  • trippingLove this!
  • newhousetohomeThis isn't a steam train.......but it's a train that you sleep on!!! Would love to do this one day 😍 @caledoniansleeper xxx
  • theonlygirlinthehouse@newhousetohome yes yes yes, you got it!!! Right, @caledoniansleeper we need to climb aboard!!! 🚂🚂🚂
  • theonlygirlinthehouse@sarahprankerd it was really beautiful (the weather helped a bit too ☀️) but it just filled me with nostalgia and is everything childhood memories are made of! 🚂❤️
  • jessie.stpierre😍😍
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