• ful.filledcarrot, feta & pistachio salad with orange blossom toss & GIVEAWAY for @kaleandcaramel's new cookbook!
    you guys...first of all, this salad from Lily @kaleandcaramel's new cookbook is incredible (I mean just look at it!) and I am sharing the recipe on the blog today!
    secondly, her entire cookbook is amazing...I cannot say enough (but I said A LOT in the blog post!)
    finally, I am giving away a copy of Lily's gorgeous new book! Just simply:
    - like this photo
    - make sure you are following me (@ful.filled) and Lily (@kaleandcaramel)
    - leave a comment telling me what your favorite herb or flower to cook with is
    Congratulations @naturellebynatalia! You won a copy of #kaleandcaramelcookbook!
    recipe & cookbook review are on the blog - link in profile
  • ful.filledHaha! Yep! We love sumac! @realnaldi
  • diningwithdianaFavorite herb is cilantro! 🍃
  • orlayorlayI put fresh rosemary in nearly everything 😊
  • tmarie328fresh rosemary!!
  • vanbusrideDILLLLL 🌱
  • danzas.dishesBeautiful 💕❣💕
  • fulfilwithsilWhat a gorgeous salad! I adore herbs in general Bella...close to my favourite would be sage. Added it to tonight's dinner of baked pumpkins (with onion & cinnamon)'s also amazing with chicken! 💚🍃
  • susanwjorgensenI love to use fresh thyme and oregano!
  • nocrumbsleftso lovely
  • katie_clovaGORG!
  • countingbeeskitchenI Always love using mitsuba because it's so versitile, and people often aren't familiar with it. It's always fun introducing a new love to friends and fellow foodies ☺️🌿
  • wanderlustrubyEating rainbow 🌈🌈🌈😋
  • larencyphersJust planted my nasturtium starters the other day. Can't wait to eat those babies and make all the pretty food 🌸🌱🌼
  • mjhalonenLove all things lavender, but also basil,cilantro,&rose! 🌱🌹
  • yai.wayWhat a beautiful rainbow 🌈
  • thismessisoursLoving the flavors in this!
  • ful.filledThey are so good @thismessisours 😋
  • naturellebynataliaWow! Wow! Wow! Thank you so much 😚❤
  • ful.filled🙌 @naturellebynatalia
  • claudia10Nice feed!
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