• followmeto🇹🇷 Traditional pastry 🍩 in Istanbul is sold on streets. Poppy seed roulettes and simits - slightly salted pretzels with sesame seeds. They are so delicious! 😋There's a secret though: try to buy them early in the morning or right after launch. During these hours sellers bring in freshly made simits; in other times the cakes are cold and less flavorful!🙁 📸 by @ahmet.erdem
    🇹🇷 Традиционная выпечка 🥐 в Стамбуле продается на улицах. Маковые рулеты и симиты – чуть солоноватые крендели с кунжутом. Вкусно очень! 😋 Но есть секрет: их стоит покупать либо рано с утра, либо сразу после обеда. Именно в эти часы продавцы пополняют запасы, в остальное же время булочки холодные и не такие ароматные!🙄

  • jaumesolerl@somabry17 jajajajaja total!!
  • caitlynmageran@shewgill22 I need to try this
  • lanzatealacarreteraFoton!
  • hsucheyu.martinI Love Turkey.
  • jacobsenerHomeland). Have a great time there.
  • viviana26miyukiBeautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • sa.hunterthey had those in the Old City of Jerusalm as well!!! unfortunately, i didn't think to try one.
  • henna.istanbulHint kınası sevenler kaçırmasın bir baksın Hint kınası sevenler kaçırmasın bir baksın
  • ilknurtkayacikYes , so delicious 😍 One more tip , simit & ayran or Turkish tea match very good 😍 I miss Istanbul 🇹🇷
  • metincanpolat_photosActually it would be awesome if there were some presentation or conversation with Turkish photographers and travelers. You came very silently and secretly than gone. :(
  • leduc_tranLove thiss one !!so beautiful ! Check my page out ! Follow if you like my stuff !
  • dulgeraysegul✨✨
  • butterflv84Very good taste,especially that one with sesame on. I know it because my husband is working in Izmir it's been nearly one year
  • selsarBon appetit 😍🙋🏻💞🌷👍🏼 @natalyosmann did you try Sultanahmet köftesi, also you should to go Karaköy and Galata
  • thesunsetcolada@followmeto ohh how I miss simit 😍 enjoy guys😉☺️
  • alina_vsmПокупали их, чтобы кормить чаек, но я все съела сама😂
  • riddhi417osamm
  • sommertime87@melike_i can we get one of these?
  • melike_i@sommertime87 we're getting these every day for breakfast lol
  • killer345777Awsome
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