• greenhousejuiceToday on the blog, we're rolling with the homies (homegrown veggies, that is) in celebration of the many agricultural splendours of our corner of the globe. 🥕🌎 Visit the link in our bio to roll local with us! @ongreenbelt #locallove #earthweek #loveONTfood

  • allons.yCutest tote bag!
  • twospoons.caAhh can't wait to give it a read!
  • lovethedesignUse my tote everyday! Love it.
  • fragiliteaDo you sell the tote bag on its own?😍
  • greenhousejuice@fragilitea We do! It is $9.95 at all our stores, or free with the purchase of The Greenhouse Cookbook.
  • lismojammYou made my day with the "rolling with the homies" comment🙂👏🏾😋👍🏾
  • dazzling_20161:37pm EDT... How wonderful! And remember, if you ate today, thank a farmer! 💋🇨🇦
  • joeeldNEEEED THIS TOTE. 😍
  • thepurpleco👏👏👏👏👏
  • nettoyeurecolroyalPretty awesome :)
  • britslandingI bought your book, is there anyway I can get the bag? I didn't realize you get the bag for free
  • greenhousejuiceHi, @britslanding—thank you so much for reaching out and for purchasing the cookbook! We are simply delighted to hear that. May we ask where you purchased the cookbook? The tote bag with purchase promotion is available only at our Greenhouse shops. If you wouldn't mind sharing which location and when you picked up a copy, we can look into why this wasn't included, and coordinate getting a tote in your hands! Thanks again! 💚
  • britslandingI purchased your book at Chapters, on Vega Blvd, Mississauga, but I see that you mention that the bag is only included when purchased at one of your locations. If that is the case, how may I purchase one?
  • britslandingDo you have them in Pusateri's, Oakville location?
  • greenhousejuice@britslanding Yes, it is just on orders purchased in our Greenhouse shops, since we aren't able to carry the tote in other book retailers or track purchases. The tote is indeed available for sale at our Oakville Pusateri's location! Thank you again for confirming this with us! 💚
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