• glowpinkstahWent to go get my Haunted Mansion ballerina picture framed today! Felt the need to share 😂 gonna post a picture of the picture on my IG stories so go check that shiirrrrout!!

  • goslowbebraveso pretty.
  • heather.m__You have the cutest smile! 💕
  • q5888Hello
  • paola_133Ahhhh so you were able to find it at redbubble yay!
  • mrs_em_charsleyI love the Haunted Mansion ballerina picture! My fave! Xx
  • uxiauliaYou're so beautiful! You should visit wales ! Id take you for a burrito <3
  • amnesia______I love RedBubble!
  • yvette_eclecticOmg I looooove those, that's such a good idea!
  • itmebgYou are an actual princess
  • imagineyourestrangeIf I may ask, where did you get your glasses from?
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