• theoncebandIt was the end of the @cbcvinylcafe Christmas tour, the tour that would turn out to be Stuart's last. We had done a handful of shows and were packing up our gear when we were told to hit the merch table and grab whatever we wanted. A frantic signing session ensued with the 3 of us handing Stuart books from a tall stack of multiple copies of each of his hardcovers on hand, gifts for our loved ones, all diehard #vinylcafe fans. He immediately spelled Geraldine's name wrong, realized and was mortified. So much so and with his trademark wry grin, tore from his own tome the title page, balled it and threw it across the room punctuated by @ger1deen 's gleeful protests. OBVS, she picked it up and has treasured it ever since. We love and miss our friend on his birthday and everyday surrounding it. @tmalove @jesslmilton
  • christine.melanson❤️
  • dotatcolpoysbay❤️
  • homemadestuffcaWhat a wonderful memory...💕
  • racnroll_aww love it 💕
  • therealseaandbescene
  • rokphotoworksI like it!
  • svjhnsn
  • bigdazwThat's such a great story. I only discovered Vinyl Cafe a few years ago when I first immigrated to Canada. I was outside in the summer doing the gardening listening to CBC and it came on. I was laughing hard and trying to work. I was a fan since that day😊
  • carolmurph59Awww! Such a sweet memory!
  • melanie.mooreGreat story! I was at that show at the Metro Centre, and it was wonderful. I will never forget it.
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