• jolenehartEAT PRETTY CHALLENGE: Accept this challenge, and you could see clearer skin AND take home a gorgeous set of face masks from @beautyheroes and @lilfox.miami!
    As a health coach, my role is to motivate and inspire my clients to adopt new habits that help them and look and feel their best. This month, I'm starting a new series of challenges to do the same for YOU. .

    YOUR SPRING GREENS CHALLENGE--Leafy greens are superfoods for healthy skin and head to toe beauty. They nourish healthy bacteria in your gut; deliver beauty minerals and vitamins like A & C that help smooth your skin, produce collagen, and balance oil production; they help cleanse and alkalize your body. I encourage my readers and clients to get at least 1 serving of greens in their diet every single day, but this month I challenge you to go the extra mile: GET 3 SERVINGS OF GREENS IN YOUR DIET EACH DAY. ✨🌱🌿🍀✨
    To win a gorgeous set of @lilfox.miami masks from @beautyheroes, comment on this post + post a picture of the greens that you're eating with #EatPretty, anytime from now until the end of the day on April 30. I'll choose a winner at random to receive the lovely @lilfox.miami Jungle Glow and Cleopatra masks, courtesy of @beautyheroes.
    Can't wait to see those greens! #EatPretty

  • nutri.jina💚💚💚
  • organizedhealingSo post ONLY on April 30th or any day up til the 30th? My skin would LOVE a healthy mask!!
  • jolenehart@organizedhealing anytime from now until the end of the day on the 30th! 💚✨
  • womenfolkbeautyLooking forward to doing this challenge! 🌱🥗💚
  • lysolqueenCan it be cooked greens? Raw greens don't settle with me.
  • jolenehart@lysolqueen yes- raw, cooked, blended, baked- whatever you prefer! 🌱✨
  • happy_healthy_heartsChallenge accepted!
  • baileytriesballetI just posted a picture of my greens yesterday with the #eatpretty -- Does that count? :)
  • jolenehart@baileytriesballet I'll def count it! 😊 But you're going to eat more, right?? ✨
  • baileytriesballet@jolenehart Of course I will! I'll post another one just to be safe though. ☺️🌿🌱
  • alicia_ozunaDown! 😋🌱
  • fstfingers❤️ my greens, no matter how I get them. This is just what I need to kick my sugar habit I've slipped into.
  • bhekinaylorI'm in. I learned only recently how important greens are.
  • dfeuerstein00Count me IN! You're such an inspiration Jolene! 😋🌱
  • athenammuirI looked at your posts and I am really inspired by everything you do and would love to stay in touch with you here on Instagram! Your pictures really light me up :) xo @athenammuir
  • ladyjane_artWould love to try this challenge! It sounds like a great wat to grow and inspire healthy and beautifying habits🌱💚
  • missorganicslondonGorgeous!💚
  • lysolqueenWell my dinner greens tonight were not leafy so will post when I do my spinach. Also, in your book, what spring day are we on? I got a copy from our library.
  • jolenehart@lysolqueen technically I think we're on Day 32, but you should dive in wherever you feel inspired in the spring chapter! Enjoy! 💕
  • inciazkI have a private account but I'm in!
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