I'm always delighted to celebrate #CheckYourHumpsForLumps Day, aka Wednesday. But today, after being home with me for almost 2 weeks, today I sent my little Rebels off to school. 
I'm not sure who was more delighted, me or them. #Seriously. 
The apartment is in a state of chaos, I am longing for a day pampering myself, I have deadlines to wrangle, and meals that need prepping. 
But before I decide which to do list I'm going to tackle first, I'm going to sit very still and listen. 
It's quiet. It's calm. 
No one is fighting to be on my lap, or curled up in my arms. 
I'll be happy to see my babies at 3 o'clock. Right now, however, I'm truly enjoying being alone. 
#MorningMusings #SunriseInRebelshire 
#BeFierce #BeKind #BePositive 
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