• barefootfiveJust went live from our holy flow parenting Facebook page for the first time. So fun!! #holyflowparenting #raisingwolves

  • moonchild.brittany😻 I love this!! ✌🏻🖤✨
  • thegypsy94Your girls are unbelievably beautiful. You have a gorgeous family.. you're very fortunate ☺️❤️ I love your page.
  • asilbonI've been wanting to close my Facebook account for Months, but I don't because your live videos are amazing! They bring light to the darkness of Facebook. I'll watch these live videos with my boys.! ❤️❤️❤️✌️
  • freedommovementtribeI loved it!!! See you next Wednesday!! ❤️🙏❤️
  • fueledbyicedcoffeeIt's a little dawn & a little you ☺️❤️
  • iamlanalove💖💖💖
  • nourished_living_with_nattyI'd love to come and hang out with you one day! Love your vibes ✌🏻Thanks for being so authentic and inspiring me to strive to do the same - without the fear.
  • theriverafamilyCan't wait to see more videos from you guys!
  • amandarobles7They are just precious.
  • jodesmarsOh my goodness, your older daughter looks just like Dawn and the younger like you!!!
  • zenasirenMy babes 🌻🌻 @goyaaba @juneblueadventures I love you so muxh
  • spiritsoulbodyssbLoved this! Can't wait to see more!!💕 @barefootfive
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