• gethappyfoodOur new Sausage & Shrimp Gumbo dinner kit is loaded with LOCAL goodness! We're particularly excited about the kielbasa (sausage) from Circle B Ranch in Seymour, MO. Circle B raises their hogs in a natural environment where they graze on pasture and wooded areas rich in natural nuts, grasses and berries as well as mineral-rich earth and roots. You can taste the difference in their naturally and humanely raised pork products! Pick up our Gumbo dinner kit to experience this tasty kielbasa for yourself. #eatlocal #getsomehappy

  • kellytcosgrove@majorcoz you need to try this!
  • circlebranchporkSo happy you are featuring our pork made from #happyhogs! Happy Hogs make Happy Food! 🐖🐷🐖🐷
  • pen2page@circlebranchpork, now that's a great slogan! 🐷
  • circlebranchpork@pen2page It's definitely aomething to oink about! 🐖
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