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  • healthmagazineThe @starbucks unicorn frappuccino is HERE! 🦄🦄🦄 It's almost too pretty to drink (almost!) #unicorn #unicornfrappuccino

  • lorinronI can't believe health magazine is promoting this sugary unhealthy type of food!
  • v.briones_Way too much sugar - not worth it 😐
  • ruthyp29@healthmagazine Why post something so unhealthy as this?...hello?
  • nochesazulesDislike.
  • tevas91The most unhealthest drink ever! 96 grams of carbs & 56 grams of sugar 😕
  • anafreires4422Dislike it. It's a joke, a healthy magazine promoting this 🤢
  • anafreires4422@waylessjess doing the same. Since when this is healthy?! 🤢
  • scotishvixenWay to go Starbucks... Get more people to come in and buy your unhealthy drinks.. by over advertising! This is just what America needs ...More sugar in their diets
  • kayluuuuhhh_They're promoting it because Starbucks paid them to😂😂Is that not obvious? Lol
  • wholelife180Having a VERY hard time with this post from HEALTH magazine. You can use your readership and influence to do so much good and this is the choice? There are so many affiliate marketing opportunities and responsible ways to monetize your efforts. Curious as to how this decision was made. This should be the Health Magazine version of a Glamour Don't!!!!!!!
  • wholelife180Ps... its too pretty. DONT drink it 😎
  • itsjustmejebwhy is Health magazine giving this drink a shout out??? what a horrible drink to endor$e!
  • lillygenuineglow💔
  • jenlcoyleYea, so a health magazine promoting this?? And with that, I'm out
  • amymierasGross!
  • millenniumfalconmeliOmg this post is getting some bad publicity *gets popcorn and watches comments unroll* 🍿🍹 @bb_8_ lmfao
  • millenniumfalconmeli@itsjustmejeb they're probably being funded by them lol 😂
  • malanalinaUnfollowing you now. What a joke "magazine".
  • wiles3momFirst world fail at health!
  • katherinecordYikes. A health magazine promoting this horrible drink, not a good look.
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