• mybizzykitchenOne of the last few lunches photographed on the radiator on the 12th floor of my soon to be old office. While I will be happy when all the packing and unpacking will be done, I am excited about me new food options at the new location 🤣💕👍🏻 @jaxhouse - I think I'll be closer to you to have lunch 🍴 👏🏻 @pretamangeruk turkey avocado salad with a cup of tomato soup. 14 delicious smart points and approximately 420 calories.
    #lunch #pretamanger #soupandsalad #ineedtomakesoup #whatsyourfavoritesoup?
  • errignHey Biz! Do you have your zucchini tot recipe written down anywhere? It's gone from the post! 😘
  • mybizzykitchen@errign - fudge crackers! I should have it at home - also thanks for the heads up on the premier protein 💕👍🏻
  • errign@mybizzykitchen sale is until the 30th.
  • jaxhouseAwesome
  • jenncooksAnd closer to me too 💕💕
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