In between time is kid time.
  • steveharveyfmIn between time is kid time.
  • iamkimaleeeGod Bless You🌺from the US Virgin Islands🌺
  • qt_fiSweet! Virginia, loves yah, 95.7 each morning, enroute to school with the "kids"
  • qt_fiAlso Steve on the show, will you please speak on the fact that the McDonald's worker who spotted the FB shooter should recieve the REWARD money, that l ed to the chase & capture. Looks like McDonald's is taking the shine, instead of the EMPLOYEE
  • cynethiabellYour grandson looks just like you!
  • wurnely_@cynethiabell thats not his grandson
  • andrews7452Awww
  • lenorapeeblesBig fan of urs from family Fued and Steve Harvey TV show and Morning Show
  • jessegee373Respects my friend! Thanks for those inspiring words one early morning... Toothpaste street 😂😎
  • 1106lexi611Hey so handsome... Ok poppa💖
  • vpwabuseSO CUTE
  • tianatotsSo sweet
  • jessicas40That baby is so cute
  • gold_555_mr#ADORE 🌺
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