• zotheysayI didn’t wear overalls last pregnancy and I feel like such a friggen dunce. They’re the best! I live in them! Waistbands can suck a doz!
    Because A) I always want recommendations and therefore assume everyone else does, and B) maternity attire, generally speaking, sucks, here’s some other preggo clothing I thrash:
    🤰🏻Active Truth tights - over the bump, with thick, flattering fabric. Bought in first tri and they're growing happily with me. Nice maternity active wear is impossible to find: why? Come on Lulu/Nike et al – preggos exercise too
    🤰🏻Bendon crop top - the classic not-super-flattering-but-very-comfy-crop top (I tried the CK one to be cool but it cut in and pissed me off) and Bonds maternity bras
    🤰🏻Bras N Things Lucile Bralette because the last thing these tatas need is padding. And all wire-free bras are padded. Why? Bought one in each colour
    🤰🏻Seed denim (the elastic waist ones but in a size up, they're a good ankle-skimming length and skinny shape, and also the drop crotch soft denim ones) and also Ripe Maternity denim, the black skinny leg ones
    🤰🏻Overalls - mine are Hatch x Current Elliot, which I bought online with some other Hatch stuff that I’m yet to wear, in honesty
    🤰🏻ASOS maternity and ZARA for basic tees and little cheapie fun smock dresses
    🤰🏻Bassike tees and soft cotton pants
    🤰🏻Kookai for stretchy tight dresses - cotton for summersies; wool for wintersies – great as a skirt over tights, or with heels HA HA AS IF, on toast etc etc
    🤰🏻 Horrible dressing gown from the fiery depths of hell
    ✋️Bah! That'll do. Worth noting only a couple of these are dedicated maternity items. Hey, maternity fashion, be better! (You too, wedding shoes. You were AWFUL.)
  • kaarajanee@binda87 😍👌👌
  • binda87Yessss @kaarajanee 😍
  • magbufe@zotheysay I've looked high and low for some preggers maternity overalls, though ones I've found never hit the mark. The current Elliot x hatch ones look great though I can't see them on their website. Are they just their standard women's overalls?
  • kait.elise@clean_eating_melbourne @collective_ambition
  • jessigirl1@candyblundy
  • amandaselak@rachselak
  • laurajunefraser@abbykf 💁🏼
  • msvuurmanYou should try Zoë! BEST maternity and breastfeeding clothes in town. X
  • anna_strom@kookai_australia ⬆️
  • katdlovesThere is a whole market to be made re: wedding shoes! IMPOSSIBLE!
  • kykreatesAgree maternity clothes suck ...wish someone would sell a maternity bra which was comfy and not completely ugly.
  • abbykf@laurajunefraser I like it, will need all the advice I can get 🙋🏻
  • miss_meow13@zotheysay Not all wire free bras are padded... Check out Aussie company @braswithoutwires xo
  • thatbecgirl@jessesb80 good advice here if you need it?
  • ruthblythman@kirlieb
  • mecogh@ruthlancaster few tipz
  • tarahclairmac8Loads of amazing online brands that are either dedicated to maternity or have a maternity range! @cakematernity @baethelabel @activetruth @blanqigirls @cadenshae
  • em_zolo@jkrakez
  • peace_love_and_coconutsI am nearly 20 weeks and want overalls. Just think that as a plus size preggers gal I may look like an Easter egg 😩
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