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  • katiegreenbeanLife dream achieved! I am a @fruityknitting knitter of the world!
    I've loved Andrea and Andrew's podcast Fruity Knitting since the beginning, and was so delighted to meet them recently at Edinburgh Yarn Festival. I was honoured to be invited to contribute a little segment about the things I make, how much knitting means to me, and share excitement about my new job working for @blackeryarns!

    The link to the episode is in their profile, I am about 15 minutes in but I urge you to watch the whole thing. Their podcasts entertaining, thoughtful and full of interesting interviews and knitting content. And they have a dog called Jack 🐶

    The footage of me knitting outdoors was taken by @katrionachapman on our recent trip to Yorkshire. Here I am knitting at the top of Malham Cove. You know, as you do.

    #knitting #podcast #fruityknitting #yorkshiredales #Malham #malhamcove

  • kate_hawthorncottagecraftPs. I'm a wee bit jealous of your new job with Blacker!! Do they fancy opening a branch in Northern Ireland?!!😂😂😂Enjoy every minute!!
  • bailey.mullensI like :)
  • blackeryarnsCan't wait to watch. 😘
  • blithespirit4Really enjoyed your segment and love your work in Pom Pom. I was just at Malham Cove a few weeks ago too - such a unique landscape to knit in. Best of luck at Blacker's - what a dream job for you!
  • melissa.wastneyi enjoyed your segment on @fruityknitting - absolutely love the jumper you were wearing and your artwork. <3
  • andrew.doigKatie - that was so much our honour and pleasure. Thanks also to @katrionachapman for the beautiful footage.
  • katrionachapman@andrew.doig No problem Andrew, I look forward to watching more of your podcast now that Katie's introduced me to it!
  • slitknitsI am not a podcast "watcher", I am a listener, but it was great - you and Jack and the knitting with a story - and I like your illustrations so much. The alpaca toy is amazing, by the way, and then... I come to meet Justina, whose shawls I've knitted a couple of times and, well, watching a podcast is not so bad indeed, @fruityknitting (Goldberg variations included, 😉)
  • thecharmofitOh I can't wait to see you 'in person'! :)
  • katiegreenbean@robertson3452869 Thank you! 😊
  • katiegreenbean@blithespirit4 Thank you so much! Hooray for Malham Cove, such a special inspiring place. I saw a peregrine this time but he sadly didn't oblige to be captured on film!
  • katiegreenbean@melissa.wastney Thank you so much!
  • katiegreenbean@slitknits So glad to have begun your conversion! Jack is just ready to be an internet superstar. I may have to start a podcast of my own. Or his own, really 😁
  • katiegreenbean@thecharmofit I first found you and your lovely podcast through @fruityknitting so we have a nice neat circle 👌
  • andrew.doig@slitknits We are flattered. And yes, we love our Bach.
  • thecharmofit@katiegreenbean Oh that's definitely a tidy set of introductions! ☺
  • slitknits@katiegreenbean yes! A podcast, with or without Jack , you will rock!
  • slitknits@andrew.doig it was a pleasure for me too (included the Lied), now I have to understand how, or better, where to watch and knit. Because there must be no waste of time in my busy life 😉
  • annizeteWell done Katie! So pleased you got the job. 😊
  • katiegreenbean@annizete Thank you! Exciting changes ahead!!
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