Last game of ping pong and a pic together before the cab comes 😔 #matchymatchy #stripesandpalmtrees #aviators #dubai
  • gemcwadeLast game of ping pong and a pic together before the cab comes 😔 #matchymatchy #stripesandpalmtrees #aviators #dubai
  • ichoosemeauHow was the Atlantis Palm? Thinking of bringing the kids to Dubai as that is where Christian and I grew up so want to take them back. Has changed quite a bit though!
  • gemcwade@ichoosemeau it's perfect for kids and us. Be sure to get the imperial club option - more than pays for itself with the free food and drinks and the free kids club. We booked through last and got a great deal. Maybe not the best base to explore from as it's a drive into the main area. You may be better at jumera beach area if you want to be closer to the action. We stayed with friends for the first few days so did exploring then and just chilled and stayed on site out while we've been at the hotel.
  • ichoosemeauThanks so much Gem. Yes we are going to stay at a serviced apartment for a week to show them where we lived and went to school etc and then chill out at a resort. It is just the flight cost and flying time that I am not sure about. So expensive to the middle least from Aus.
  • gemcwade@ichoosemeau it isn't a cheap place to visit and has got more expensive since we came 8 years ago. Sure you won't recognize it. It is changing so fast.
  • mittsmartialartsbros😃
  • dubai_food_fansGorgeous
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