It's here!! BOOK 6 in the Jase series!! Go to to purchase.
  • jasoncrabbmusicIt's here!! BOOK 6 in the Jase series!! Go to to purchase.
  • vrosemusicThat's awesome
  • bertmorseI don't see purity in this art work. I think you need to explain a ND reevaluate. I love your music Jason but honestly as a devout Christian taking one glance and then zooming in without knowing more wouldn't let my young children have this material with all due respect. We must be careful with the things of the world when we represent Christ and believe I come down hard on tell evangelist who go to far about stuff like this especially ones in Baton Rouge La. Where the Shack is concerned I think that is rediculous. So I'm not picking on you Brother. Keep going on for Jesus message back please and explain. I want to see the Shack so I want to know more about your series then I may promote it. God Bless You!
  • bertmorseMeaning the ones in Baton Rouge condemn the Shack, get real
  • kylasings@bertmorse ma'am what ARE you talking about??? The cover looks multi cultural which will appeal to many children around the world. Great job @jasoncrabbmusic !!!!!
  • priscillabaconthompsonHow cool, Jason! Didn't know you even did these! And for what it's worth, I don't think you'd actually BE doin' these books if ya didn't know what you were talkin' about! I'd TOTALLY let my kids check these out.... (If I had any!) Lol! Good job, Jason! Keep 'em comin'! Stay safe and God Bless! Love ya! 😉💜
  • melanne6289My kids will be excited. You already know how much they love you. You have to read the crabb story i posted earlier. You will love it. My kids love you. Thanks for making a difference
  • jillconranLove this
  • blueeyescrying001I love this. Jason would never write or publish anything that he didn't think would bring honor and glory to God. I am going to get this whole series to give to someone
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