• piezlovesCelebrated the last day in my twenties yesterday by climbing Bali's highest active volcano! Despite the 1am wake up, I'm so proud we conquered it!

  • aimsfollettYES
  • emmkuonyGorg
  • chaddysoperHope you had a great bday @piezloves yewww!!
  • lifeinlittlepotsAwesome 🌋
  • emily_j_huangA battle of a hike, hey? But oh so beautiful at the top! Hope you guys are having a wonderful trip! X
  • this_hartHappy birthday Kell!! Looks amazing! Great effort! 🎈 🎉 xx
  • barbmdixonOh my gawd how high are you!!!! Well done
  • jcoutetThis looks breathtakingly beautiful! !
  • jcoutetp.s. im talking about the guy on the right :p
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