• talkwordytome_Chasing dreams as a mom is tricky business. On the blog: A lifelong dream I'm giving up + tips for picking which passions are worth pursuing.
    📷: @hunterkfowlerphoto @agnesanddora
  • kimlloydphotosThat was just what I needed to read this morning! Thanks for sharing!
  • erinwilkins_Can I have your outfit?! Can't wait to read!!
  • lifetimereaderI love all of this! 💜
  • citrusandsandalsLove this! Thank you!
  • can't wait to read this, because this is something that I have really been working on with myself for the last year
  • heatha100This is gorgeous
  • meganjwilliamsSuch a good read. Thanks!
  • gojanegiveWise words in your post! You are so multi-talented!! Impressive!
  • heyyochaunLoved your post! I'm a fellow dream chaser/ achiever and too well know that struggle of when some dreams have to be put aside. Drives me batty. :) Thanks for your blog. I look forward to more posts!
  • talkwordytome_@heyyochaun I'm glad you can relate. I want to know what dreams you're chasing!
  • talkwordytome_@gojanegive You're so kind! Thank you. ❤️
  • lindsayfergusonI loved this post, Kim! I relate to it on many levels. You are an amazing writer and I can't wait to continue reading your work! I don't know how you do all you do - superwoman! Can you give me a lesson or something? 😘
  • hellowhimzyCute photo. I need to go check out this post!
  • themamaladderLet's be friends! We feel the same
  • welcometempeststudioI need to read this every day. Errvvrrryy. Dddaaaayyyy.
  • themumsyblogI hear ya mama! But excited to read this! You always have the best insight!
  • lizzyloveshealthWhat do you think of your Pons? Wanting some for spring/summer 😍
  • talkwordytome_@lizzyloveshealth They belong to the company I modeled for, but I love them.
  • lizzyloveshealth@talkwordytome_ thank you! I'm wanting to get to Europe this summer with my love (after we sell our house!) and looking into good (cute!) walking sandals 😍😍😍
  • lapresqueparisienne❤️❤️❤️
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