And so it begins...
  • joeroganAnd so it begins...

  • kevinlawlor1All we need to do is get hints Antarctica and to fly around the world. Then I'll be convinced. Anything Eddie is 100% on I'll believe lol
  • johnbyerlyphotosDude so many of the people leaving comments on your pictures @joerogan remind me of YouTube comments
  • __jim_nashEddie Bravo, Ph.Dummy
  • aye__bee__seeYOU GONE LEARN TODAY lmao
  • futuredave2Honestly, this podcast was just depressing to me. Eddie sounded like someone out of a mental ward. It was like listening to a schizophrenic talk about their delusions.
  • oguinkeithWorst podcast ever and I truly love your podcasts, Eddie Bravo won't except truth of any kind. I would give money, but I still don't think his dumbass would think it was real.
  • oguinkeith@_rachelrayne When he sticks that arm out I puke in my mouth just a little, won't watch another J.R.E with his closed mind.
  • oguinkeith@kevinlawlor1 Big dummy
  • tommiejames1989Brilliant
  • x1x10xHahahaha YES! 😂😂😂
  • kevinlawlor1@oguinkeith 👍🏻
  • sweatybananaI love this shit. Get his ass up there!
  • kevinlawlor1Can't he just fly around the globe? Then he could see
  • juslarueDudes Retarded.
  • imhungryformoreHilarious
  • quazzlebazzle@d14bass you donating?
  • michaelbussell@justinnkellyy the gofundme is trending
  • jseamoneWould he believe he's actually in the stratosphere?
  • jseamoneLook into it, they don't fly you to the stratosphere, they gas the passengers in the aircraft and show them simulated images.
  • justinnkellyy@michaelbussell LOL . He would say there's government invisible goggles that tricked his eyes .
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