• soulscriptsWe stayed up past midnight browsing through endless housing options. Every now and then we'd get distracted and laugh at the fact that we have only three weeks to figure it out yet we haven't gotten very far. We worked through our disagreements and attempted to compromise. We've never really looked for a home together. So far we've just grabbed whatever short term lease that came available last minute. It's harder than we thought it'd be. There were so many choices, options, and ideas. We never really came to a conclusion, just kind of collapsed in bed. And it hit me: we both have endless choices in the world yet somehow we chose each other. Somehow we ended up in the same tiny house, on the same rickety old bed, under the same sheltering roof...together. Just being chosen and choosing the other day in and day out. And that's something.
    Look, I know life and love can be really confusing. It's really hard to choose and keep choosing something, someone. But don't you realize you've already been chosen? Don't you realize you're seen and held and noticed and handpicked by a God who knows you best and loves your worst? He sees you girl. Don't forget to choose Him back. #soulscripts

  • 9gkidzGood choice! You look GREAT together!
  • finleygracecooke@lyncooke
  • thatshortone012Your messages are always right on time when I need a pick me up. Thank you Jordan ❤
  • mrs.sisowWow!
  • sierravgosneyGoodness! Every post I read is something I need to hear. Thank you so much for your wise words and beautiful soul 🙏🏻❤️
  • designfoxxYou are too wise beyond your years! I'm so glad I found you on here! God really uses you every. single. day to speak to my heart!! Thank you for listening to Him and sharing what He puts on your heart! 💕
  • andrewgroninger@sassaman18 ❤️
  • misselliek1Your words are amazing. 🙏🏻❤
  • kenzzz_bailey@kenzbenzzz THIS. I love her!!
  • mjtroyer❤ your words are an inspiration to me!
  • meghan_sharp@_victoriagrant wow you are actually the best
  • maryashh_@xo_luuuu
  • maryashh_@daisyjacklyn_ @madam_linda10
  • todayichoose_blogYes yes YES!!
  • erikagracephoto@amandamelito7 eyy♡
  • amandamelito7@erikagracephoto this just lifts up the spirit💜💜
  • daisyjacklyn_@maryashh_ I needed this
  • erikagracephoto@sophiabellino
  • knicoleconradNeeded this right now, thanks @soulscripts ❤️
  • ilenerdrgzWow❤❤
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