• martipalermoBathroom rambling on the blog today (link in profile). Thinking about pulling the trigger on some floral wallpaper that my grandma would have loved.

  • fieldsracI really love that wallpaper!
  • keipopI think that's my pick too✅
  • poseygruenerBig flowers!! Go go go!! 🌺 🌸🌺🌸
  • suitcasedogI ❤ the floral. the black (with the black vanity which is brilliant) really youths it up.
  • healthycheetosNice choice. I'm not voting because it's not my bathroom, but as a person who is always looking at real estate, I love it the most when people take a few risks for something that is an little more interesting. I'd rather buy a house where someone did nothing for 2 years than one where someone took no risk and picked what they thought would help sell their house later. Every time I see a pastely glass tile backsplash (don't know what that shit is called, but I bet you do), I feel sad for the vanilla people having missionary sex in their boring house. My point is that I think this floral wallpaper will pay off and make you happy. Xoxo
  • healthycheetos@healthycheetos I meant 20 years. Did you really want my opinion on this?
  • grendelthecatThat floral with the bird hook ftw!
  • kallieish@healthycheetos i was reading your comment nodding along the entire time
  • martipalermo@healthycheetos LOL, noted! 🍦
  • martipalermo@suitcasedog You're a cool youth, so I take your point!
  • paperkatFloral! Love.
  • elite_tileFloral wallpaper is a great idea! Pairs well with the hex tiles
  • jojotastic😃
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